Sunday School and Small Groups

Sunday School and Small Groups
Join retired Special Educator, Patty Nipko, weekly during regular church service for an innovative group Bible study designed for teens through adult whose individual needs welcome a small setting and more hands on activities.

Bookin' It
Seeking study of the role of God in our everyday lives, is the purpose of the Sunday School weekly book club. Books with a religious theme are provided, a few chapters a week assigned, and each class features an open discussion of the plot and concepts covered.

This Sunday School class made of our more senior congregation members meets weekly to discuss traditional Biblical study utilizing a common study guide. Members are encouraged to delve deeper into the true meaning of words in the Bible.

A free formatted small group study, Sunday mornings, discussing favorite scriptures in an effort to help apply them to your everyday life.

All leaders working with children, youth and special needs are Safe Sanctuary Certified.