A Word From the Pastor
Rev. L. David Mortenson, Senior Pastor

A Word From the Pastor

Happy New Year. Another year has passed. Do you make resolutions? I used to, a lot, but like most people, I did not make it very far with fulfilling the resolutions. Most people are really good for a month, maybe two. But then they start to back off.
A few years back Tamera and I were in Planet Fitness working out. Yes, I used to work out, lol. We were talking with the employees about the amount of people in there working out. It was January. One of them said, “just wait. In about a month, only half of these people will be here.” He was right. Within about a month, the crowd was gone. The resolution forgotten.

I moved into that category myself, especially when COVID came. The gym closed and I got out of the routine. When the gym re-opened, I have to admit, I have not been very faithful in returning to working out. Life gets in the way, and that did not seem as important, especially this past year.

One of my favorite thoughts is this; There's a reason why your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror. Where you're headed is much more important than what you left behind. The past is the past and it is over. But the future has not happened yet, and it has so many possibilities.

I have in the past, dwelt on what has happened in the past. What I try to remember is that those things happen for a reason. If those things had they not happened the way they did, I may not be where I am today. All the good and bad in my life has been used by God to prepare me for where I am today and where I am going in the future.

That is what we all should remember. Yes, we have good things in life. Yes, we have bad things in life. But God uses those things to help us and teach us, and maybe use us to help someone else.

The past is past and cannot be changed. But the future is full of possibilities. And with God all things are possible. If we hold on to those things, we will not see what God is doing right in front of us. We will not be able to accept Him and His grace and mercy.

Will I get back to the gym? I hope so. The future of my body will be brighter if I do. And letting life get in the way is something to not dwell on. But looking to a future with optimism about my Lord and Savior is something to dwell on.

SO, make those resolutions. Work on them. If you do not keep up with them, do not dwell on that. Look to the future. Try again. Maybe next time you will last longer. And who knows, maybe at some point you will not lose interest and continue with the resolution. I am resolving to get back to the gym. God bless and have a happy and safe New Year and look to the future with excitement.

Pastor David