A Word From the Pastor
Pastor, Rob Allen

A Word From the Pastor

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

As I’ve shared before, one of my favorite movies ever is “A Christmas Story”. Now you may be asking how does a movie about Christmas play nicely with the idea of what we did this summer. Well, it’s all about the “theme paper” and school. I can remember having to write a theme paper during the first week or so I was back in school. While I may have moaned and groaned it was a fun way to look back and relive some of the great experiences.

It’s no different today, although I will admit I didn’t moan or groan, except maybe when I was getting out of the chair to take a break. No, as I write this and reflect upon our summer, it’s been a summer filed with many experience and emotions.

A few tears fell as we celebrated the lives of beloved family members in our church, in our community and in our own personal lives. We experienced the fear and excitement of change and new opportunities.

We kicked off the summer with the church picnic, where we enjoyed wonderful food and even better conversations. It brings hope to my heart when I see us gather face to face and enjoy the company of one another.

A bit later in the summer we served the children of our community, volunteering one night with the community vacation bible school and then, and THEN we got a bit noisy and created a wonderful commission in the ocean as nearly 50 children through the vacation bible school hosted here at the Holden United Methodist Church. There was a bit of disappointment Thursday night when I asked Ms. Beth if we were going swimming and she responded “No ahhh, we need you to do the lesson for tonight.” Oh well…

Our summer adventure crescendoed with the Holden Street Fair. We definitely let the fun, the sun and the SON shine in as we hosted a selfie booth. Fun and laughter filled the tent as folks tried on put on hats, boas (not the snakes but of feathers) and masks. Then our float with the giant inflatable balloon dog, bubbles and candy. With little doubt I can say that we were living out our mission to

• Bring Hope
• Serve with Love
• Accept All
through Jesus

Now with school starting, vacations are coming to an end and we’re getting back into the routine of life. Queue needle scratch across a record or a vehicle screeching to a halt. There’s nothing routine about sharing the transformative love of Christ with our neighbors, the excitement will continue. On Sunday November 11 we will celebrate our 150th anniversary and will be blessed and honored to have Bishop Robert “Bob” Farr celebrating with us and sharing his message of Good News.

Before you know it, it’ll be time for the Harvest Sale, Thanksgiving, Advent (the time we use as Christ followers to prepare for the birth of Jesus) and Christmas. New opportunities to share our faith and our church with the community and new and exciting perspectives. No Church, there is to much to look forward to, to allow ourselves to slip into a routine.

So that’s just a small sample of what we did on our summer vacation. Until we see each other Sunday, may God bless and keep you today and all of your days, Pastor Rob